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Source of Nurture is a music fundraising initiative curated and presented by Chroma bringing together womxn of color artists to amplify each other and bring some much needed support to the organizations, folks and funds doing the work to stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, Undocumented and Immigrant communities, and Essential Workers. We have raised $20K so far and hope to see that amount matched.

As a collective that positions itself as advocates for centering the work and experiences of womxn of color, we feel that it is crucial to be clear about the spectrum that experience entails, always, but especially in times like these, where there is and must be a great emphasis on specificity around the experiences of Black people, and especially Black queer, trans, and nonbinary folks & Black womxn.

When we first started planning this initiative, we wanted to lift and support the efforts of local organizations who were practicing relief work during the onset of COVID19. However, with respect and diligent adherence to the times, we have added other organizations that are centered around Black activist efforts.

That being said, 100% of the proceeds from this mixtape will go directly to Equality for Flatbush, Undocu Workers Fund, The Movement for Black Lives Fund, and Black Trans Femmes in the Arts.

Lastly, we wanted to offer the balm and nurturing powers of music in hopes of honoring the notion that taking care of ourselves is just as critical, not only for ourselves, but for our communities’ restoration. We are honored for the contributions by the artists featured and feel excited to share their greatness with y’all <3

In the words of Octavia Butler who notably states in her novel, Parable of the Sower, “None of us knows very much. But we can all learn more.

Then we can teach one another. We can stop denying reality or hoping it will go away by magic.”

Released June 5, 2020

Artwork from ESSENTIAL WORKER series by Aya Brown

Design by Rin Kim Ni


Kelsey Lu - The Sun Sets in Pig Theatrics
Asmara x Kelela (DJ Dahi beat) - Send Me Out to My Type of Party (MA MASH)
Maluca - NYC BABY

Lafawndah - Bump (Prod. L-Vis 1990)
Zsela - For Now
JADALAREIGN - Floydian Slip
BAE BAE - Playing Games (BAE BAE Edit)
Usha x Atropolis - MTA Hustle
Nídia - Vergonhoso
Boston Chery - The Truth
Riobamba - Rompe (Apocalíptico Edit)
Bergsonist - Feel
AKUA - My Body
Charlotte Dos Santos - Satellite Lover
COQUETA - Los Mirlos
Bapari - Acua
Ariel Zetina - RIBBITOOL
LOKA - If You Go Home (Andata Rework)


Sienna Fekete is a producer and curator based in New York City with a background in radio, podcasting, and music. She is a co-founder of Chroma, a cultural agency & creative studio centering the work and perspectives of woc. She has worked exclusively with BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra, On Air Fest, Red Bull Arts, NTS, The Lot Radio, StoryCorps, Top Rank Magazine, Domino Sound, Playground Radio and SiriusXM. She looks forward to creating more initiatives with Chroma, producing and programming more audio projects, growing her practice as a curator and archivist, and building collectively with her community.

She has worked with: Adidas, CultureHub, AnOther Magazine, Awake NY, Knockdown Center, The Standard, 8 Ball Community, POWRPLNT, The Public Art Fund, and The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.

Skills:Audio (radio / podcast / music / events)
Curation (art exhibitions / event production & programming)
Writing (editorial / copy / journalism)
Archiving (various archival work across mediums)
Arts Administration (education / management)
Business (strategy / consultation / talent booking)