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The young women at East Brooklyn Community High School, who call themselves the Infinity Collective, gathered weekly for a leadership program facilitated by Nayo Sasaki-Picou of The Sadie Nash Leadership Project in 2018.

Through the leadership program, the women have been critically engaging in the topics of gender, race, sexuality and how societal standards are constructed by the media.

Working towards their final project of personal portraits, the students have been reimagining how they can create their own curated image of themselves, as women of color.

With the support and collaboration of CHROMA, the students had a final workshop sharing their portrait vision and participated in a photoshoot facilitated by CHROMA in their studio space.


Sienna Fekete is a producer and curator based in New York City with a background in radio, podcasting, and music. She is a co-founder of Chroma, a cultural agency & creative studio centering the work and perspectives of woc. She has worked exclusively with BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra, On Air Fest, Red Bull Arts, NTS, The Lot Radio, StoryCorps, Top Rank Magazine, Domino Sound, Playground Radio and SiriusXM. She looks forward to creating more initiatives with Chroma, producing and programming more audio projects, growing her practice as a curator and archivist, and building collectively with her community.

She has worked with: Adidas, CultureHub, AnOther Magazine, Awake NY, Knockdown Center, The Standard, 8 Ball Community, POWRPLNT, The Public Art Fund, and The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.

Skills:Audio (radio / podcast / music / events)
Curation (art exhibitions / event production & programming)
Writing (editorial / copy / journalism)
Archiving (various archival work across mediums)
Arts Administration (education / management)
Business (strategy / consultation / talent booking)